April brought many reader’s comments – lovely comments ─ to help dispel April’s chill.   I much appreciated the ones that were sincerely written from the heart.  For this post, I selected and edited some that best lent themselves to easy/quick replies. Regretfully, time did not allow more than appears here. I thought readers would enjoy seeing what others said.  Each comment addressed is followed by the post from which it was written:


Hazel: “Insightful article. I wish everyone could write like you. I have bookmarked your site…..” {The Night of the Sonic boom}.



Thanks, Hazel. You’re a doll! I’m glad you will be coming back. I must say and am glad to say my writing has improved over the decades. I’ve found “delete”, “cut”, and “paste” to be wonderful helpers in stream-lining writing.   I’m, also, a bear when it comes to superfluous words. If they detract – OUT they go!   That means lots of honing before publishing.


Raymond: “Whoa! This weblog is fantastic. I love studying your articles”. {The Timeless Principle Behind Susan Boyle’s Success}


Thanks, Raymond. As a long time Master Key student, I’ve accumulated enough to share in regards to how thought processing can be beautifully honed, and how the subconscious picks up on it, and benefits from it.  In that way our lives change for the better. “The Timeless Principle …” post is just a forerunner of what will appear in future postings. All across the board, quality counts!


Karen: “Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.” {Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle}



Thanks, Karen.  You’ve put a smile on my face, but credit Susan Boyle for being such a swell subject.



Swtor: “Thanks for sharing excellent information. Your site is very cool.” {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Swtor. You are certainly welcome. “Cool” is such a lovely compliment!


Wynajem: “Hey, very cool blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I am happy to find numerous useful information here.”  {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Wynajem. Here’s my goal:  To keep the posting useful, informative, upbeat, entertaining, constructive and worthwhile so that you will enjoy coming back often ….. or even better, regularly.


Sirus: “Keep the faith, my Internet friend. You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Sirus. I love that: “keep the faith” ….. all of us …. and do well – all part of the Master Key message – and scriptural, too! Corral those thoughts! Make them march, and do well – all of us!  Out with humdrum!  In with zest!


Dijeta: “Thank you for information. Your site is good.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Dijeta: Good information can come easily; sometimes not. If it is not handed to us and we want it, we hunt for it. That can make it more precious by far – when we finally find it. But, in “Night of the Sonic Boom”, no hunting was necessary. It was handed to me in the still of the night. Then it sat on hold for decades!


Cloud Server: I have wanted to write something like this on my webpage and this has given me an idea. Cheers. {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Cloud Server. I presume you meant responding to comments on your webpage. I can tell you that it is certainly an enjoyable activity, perhaps it will end up being an occasional post.


Marcelino: “I’m impressed, I must say. Actually rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the difficulty is something that not enough persons are speaking intelligently about. I am very joyful that I stumbled throughout this in my search for one thing referring to this.” {An August Cat Saga}


Thanks, Marcelino. Gracious! I believe you’ve made my day. Nothing is so gratifying, I think, as to know a good difference has been made and one’s efforts are approved. If making a good difference was not a big part of this blog, I’d have no reason to continue.  If a difference had not been made for one struggling mother cat and four kittens, there would have been no celebratory story.


Willard: “I delight in this post. God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye!” {The Timeless Principle Behind Susan Boyle’s Success}


Thanks, Willard! YOU are tops!  God bless you, too.  And may your nice days be many!


Jc Laurie: “I just started reading and I’m glad I did. You’re an excellent blogger, one of the most effective that I’ve seen. This weblog surely has some info on subjects that I just wasn’t aware of. Thanks for bringing it to light.” {How I Finally April Fooled Dad}


Thanks Jc ….. you’re surely welcomed. I, too, am glad you “just started reading…” Come back often! There are wonderful topics ahead, just begging to be set into words.


Fotografia: “Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Fotografia. That’s music to my ears – knowing you’ve enjoyed the browsing.  Your comment makes me want to do better, even.  That’s the ticket – everyone helping each other up the ladder.


Bea: “Pretty nice post! I just stumbled upon and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around …. I hope you write again very soon.” {An August Cat Saga}


Thanks, Bea. I shall endeavor to write more consistently, more often, and “again very soon”.  Please!  Surf here often!


Jammie: “ This is one awesome blog. Great!” {February Celebrates Births of Three Great Presidents}


Thanks, Jammie: You have me smiling from ear to ear! I loved writing about February’s three greats and I loved reading your comment.


Reddington: “You are a very smart individual!” {Responding to Responses to My Post”}


Thanks Red: As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I couldn’t help but chuckle in seeing your generous words.  I’m positive that I’ve had many on-line conversations with computer techs who must surely think that I’m dumber than a box of rocks.   …….. I’d much rather chat with you!


Tedkirke: “Wow, incredible weblog structure! How long have you ever been running a blog for? You make it look easy.” {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Tedkirke. This is my first website. My first post on this site was back on December 18, 2010. It sure wasn’t so easy acquiring the blog know-how, but I am enjoying the blogging.  My posts are a combination of my personal experiences, my penchant for researching interesting topics, and especially, my desire to contribute constructively to younger generations some of what I acquired from the generation above me. That’s what each generation is supposed to do!


Most of all, my posts are reflective of my being home schooled in World Literature prior to first grade.  {Bells & Whistles – my 1st post}  I don’t believe that my mother, who taught high school Latin and English, could have gotten her kids off to a better start.  For any parent who feels ill prepared in that area, I suggest this wonderful book by former Secretary of Education, William Bennett:  circa 1990”s –  “The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories.”


Telegrafi: Thank you for the sensible critique. I’m very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Telegrafi. I think I’m safe to say on this blog, that “sensible” came from the adults in my youth who made sure I learned scripture from the Judeo-Christian Bible. To share “sensible” freely is scriptural: “give and ye shall receive”. In my book sensible that is shared freely beats money shared freely because sensible – if respected – will always stay with us, but money goes! “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” (Luke: 6:38 – King James Bible)


Alba: “Outstanding blog post, I look forward to reading more.” {An August Cat Saga}


Thanks, Alba. I’ll endeavor to make your returning worth while. I’m aiming at more frequent and more consistent postings, and I’m committed to quality. Like ‘sensible’, it stands on the firm ground of scripture.


Camilla: “Each bird loves to hear himself sing.” {How I Finally April Fooled Dad}


What a lovely phrase, Camilla! Yes, I guess I was a bird that day, loving the experience of April fooling dad for the first and only time ever! Even though Dad looked chagrinned at this new experience of being April fooled by one of his kids, the memory makes me want to break out in cheerful chirps!


Catalog: “Wow! I found this place on Yahoo poking around for something else entirely, and now I’m going to need to go back and go through all the old material. So much for free time today! I think this is a really good site. You definitely have a fabulous grasp of the subject matter and explain it great.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Cat: Love your compliment. I shall gaily allow myself to think your free time was well used. Indeed, in poking around on the internet one never knows what one might find! I found a great site yesterday on End Time Bible Prophecy: Generous and informative!


Dominacja: “Hey – nice website, seems a pretty overnice document you are using. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but thinking to change one of them over to a structure same to yours as an experiment run.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks, Dominacja. Blue Host is my website host. The theme is Atahualpa, and WordPress is my blogging platform. Scroll all the way down, and you will see WordPress and Atahualpa.


Markowe: “I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one nowadays.” {The Night of the Sonic Boom}


Thanks Markowe: I appreciate your kind words and am glad you like the layout. Credit for the layout, though, goes to WordPress and the Atahualpa theme. WP has many themes to choose from and you can download more than one. Hopefully, one day, I’ll know enough to get into customizing.


Tammy: “I appreciate your wordpress design, wherever did you get a hold of it from? Thank you in advance!” {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Tammy: I’m glad you like the design. For more information, visit, the source of my Atahualpa theme and which provides server space for the files that make up my website.


Imbrogno: “I enjoyed reading your blog & I must congratulate you …. This is a work of art!” {How I Finally April Fooled Dad}


Thanks, Imbrogno. But, really, Art didn’t contribute one bit …. Ha, ha, just kidding!  I very much appreciate your compliment.


Spikes: I would just like to let you know how much I learn from your website Bookmarked book! Be back fast for some more good articles! {Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle}


Thanks, Spikes: I shall return at least once before the weeks out. I was able to see the British Royal wedding last week and thought it top notch all across the board. My next post will center on contrasting Di and Kate.


Jack K: Susan Boyle’s now so famous she gets to have her waxwork in the famous Madam Tussauds – we have a lot to blame Simon Cowell for apparently …. LOL! {Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle}


Thanks, Jack. You are so right! LOL, for real! My, oh, my ….. did Simon ever pour on the sarcasm, but Susan stood her ground like an iron battle ship. At that point – with that knowing gleam in her eye – she won me over BIG TIME! Collectively, around the world, me thinks viewers must surely have then been thinking: Yeaaaaah, Susan! How many times had she already been through it? First the taunts … then the awe! Indeed, yeaaaaah, Susan! A MORE beautiful example of how to graciously get past those dreaded moments does not immediately come to mind – if there IS one!


Nanhai-tensteps: “hooray; your writings are theater and much missed! {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Nanhai-tensteps. You make me feel pleased as punch! I think I shall take a break and do a nifty two-step. I will try to post oftener.


Rubin: “I enjoy what you may have done in this article. I enjoy the section in which you mention you are doing this to supply back. Nonetheless I’d personally imagine through all the comments that this is doing the job for you too.”  {Bells and Whistles}


Thanks, Rubin: You sure got that right! I’ve still a lot of supplying back … to do …. am enjoying it immensely, and am delighting in those whose comments are supplying back to me! Bells and Whistles – both ways! Can’t beat it! As I said of my mother, in that first post on December 18, 2010, “I’m positive she is looking down (from heaven) with a serene smile and an approving eye”. Do come back, and often!


Carry: “I really love reading these blogs. It helps one to learn more of all things around… And gives one confidence.. “ {Killed a King: Killed by a King}


Thanks, Carry: I think you are probably referring to the two blogs on Susan Boyle, which have made a hit, here. I’m very happy about that. I’m hoping you loved reading about kings of England. I love passing on the interest of British history that my mother gave to me. As Mom said, “you can’t make up stories that beat real life English historical happenings.”


Thus, life goes on – passed from one generation to the next. Fie on us if we drop the ball in any way that needs continuing down! It grieves me that in some ways the ball DID get dropped starting at the end of the sixties. Lately, though, it appears as if people are starting to pick it up. Just as it would be a great travesty for our youngest generation to inherit a crippling national debt, it would be a great travesty to let these young folks inherit an impoverished spiritual mind. It doesn’t have to be.


Darrell: “This is a pretty good blog and I am surprised that there isn’t a members section….”  {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Darrell: I like your suggestion. Actually, I’ve been pretty slow on the extras. In “Please Bear with me is My Plea” that I posted on December 21, 2010, I wrote, “as in no way am I tech savvy.” But, I’m getting there. I appreciated your information on a members section. You are among several that have informed me of different things I might add. In time, I shall — at least hope to.


Someone asked if I was on linkedin. No, not that or any other professional network – appears I’m still in the dark ages!  But, give me time. I learned to type on a manual typewriter. By technology back then, our brains were not wired for today’s technology which makes a world of difference and makes for us – laborious learning.  Sweat!  Sweat!  Get my picture?

I received from several readers that the pictures from my site did not load well on their computers or other similar problems. I don’t know why that is and wish it wasn’t. I did speak with a WordPress tech person and was told – after he checked my site – that it wasn’t caused by either WP or my site. Perhaps someone reading this could offer possible causes. The tech guy did suggest it may be a browser issue which would require adjusting security settings on those computers that are having trouble in loading. He said to click Tools then options. I’m not sure what next, however, for at that point someone was knocking at the front door.


Koha: Hello there, I found your site by the use of Google while looking for a comparable topic, your site came up, and it seems good. I’ve bookmarked it in my Google bookmarks.  {Thanks for the Messages}


Thanks, Koha. You’re not alone in having found my site through Google. Traffic, here, is picking up – but, I think, mainly ─ from those who are sharing that my blog exists.  I’ve been told that it is important to post regularly –two or three times a week, at least – in order to get much noticed by Google.  Only once, have I found my site through Google.  I’m not sure how others have.


Originally, I envisioned this site for both parents homeschooling their children and for parents who send their children to public or parochial schools. As laid out in my first post, “Bells and Whistles”, it was not to be a site with curricula for the day’s school work, but the extras that more and more have fallen by the wayside from various causes.

In these early months, it appears my posts have found appeal for some from the last several, publicly educated generations of American students. In that period of time, the foundation of our educational system has been gradually transformed from spiritual to secular. The appreciation I’ve received at pleasures me greatly and gives even greater impetus for producing a substantial blog. I’m optimistic. Time will tell.

This concludes today’s post. Although it took me a lot longer than I thought it would, I enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve no doubt that it will prove to be of intrinsic value to the conservative mind.

As mentioned somewhere in one of my above responses, my next post, will be in analyzing and contrasting Princes Di and royal bride – Kate – newest member of British Royalty. Until then: Bye, bye!

Today’s vocabulary words and brief descriptions:

superfluous – not needed, unnecessary; irrelevant
circa – about; used before an approximate date or figure
chagrin – to cause to feel chagrin; embarrass and annoy; mortify
gaily – in a gay manner; happily, merrily
penchant – to incline; a strong liking or fondness; inclination
impetus – the force with which a body moves against resistance,
intrinsic – belonging to the real nature of a thing

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